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Our Capabilities

swiss cnc 1024x629Swiss CNC

Metalkraft features Swiss CNC machinery in-house. Also called CNC turning machines or lathes, the machine combines technology of a turning machined with the increased direction provided by the CNC, allowing for more sets of tooling so the machine can perform several operations on the same piece in a shorter amount of time. 

swiss cnc 1024x629

Wire Forming

Utilizing four-slide or multi-slide capabilities for flat or round wire.

Metalkraft can produce:

  • Straightened and cut wires to your custom requirements
  • From .005 inch to .625 inch diameter and comparable flat or shaped sizes
  • Lengths are available from .060 inch to 10 feet
  • Steel, stainless or copper-based alloys can be accommodated

*As with most of our products, we can package, heat treat and plate the end product to meet your requirements.

 Electronic Components & Custom Machining

electronic componentsWe manufacture and provide small metal pins similar to a common pin but suited to the electrical or electronic industries. These pins are used as contacts, terminations, jumpers, or connectors with male or female ends.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cold Heading
  • Thread Rolling
  • Machining

Alternate head shapes, swages or ends are available.

KAT’s unique point forming process cost effectively supports most automatic insertion needs. Cone, bullet or round, chamfer and offset points can be accommodated.

stamping pressPrecision Stamping

Metalkraft can produce precision stampings to your custom requirements. Our capabilities include up to 60 tons of press capacity in standard, compound or progressive dies. We can provide precision custom washers with tight ID/OD tolerances or special shapes. Steel, stainless or copper-based alloys can be accommodated.



Auelectronic componentstomatic Turning

We manufacture and provide turned products from steel, stainless steel and copper-based alloys up to 2.00 inches (50mm) in diameter. We utilize the most modern automatically fed CNC Lathe as well as cam-operated wire feed screw machines.



electronic componentsCold Heading and Pointing

  • Four-slide and multi-slide capabilities
  • Flat or round
  • 005” to 0.625” diameter
  • Materials: steel, stainless, and copper-based alloys

*As with most of our products, we can package, heat treat and plate the end product to meet your requirements.